NYSERDA Programs Reduce Wasted Energy and Save People Money

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step one to energy savingsApply for a Free Home Energy Audit Assessment

A home energy audit takes a whole house approach to energy efficiency, analyzing  how all the elements of your home work together to give you a top-to-bottom look at where you are wasting energy. The result is a report recommending the home energy improvements that can deliver the biggest energy gains.Once you submit your application, here’s what you can expect NYSERDA 3-5 days to approve your application.  Then NYSERDA will send you an Approval Letter and Reservation Number to schedule your assessment.


step two to energy savingsChoose a Contractor and Schedule Your Whole House Assessment

You select a participating Home Performance Contractor for the assessment.  The assessment will take 2-3 hours depending on the size of your home. The assessment will consist of a visual inspection, health and safety tests and energy efficiency tests. The HP Contractor will  then provide you with an energy assessment report and a list of energy efficiency improvements for your consideration.The report will tell you how much energy your home is wasting, recommend the best improvements to stop the waste, and provide quotes to do the work described.


step three  to energy savingsCustomize A Plan to Lower Your Energy Bills

After your home energy audit, you’ll review the results with your contractor and choose which home energy improvements you’d like to make. These can include everything from air sealing and installation to installing ENERGY STAR certified appliances. You’ll receive a 10% discount on eligible improvements ( up to $3,000.00) to help lower the coat of your project.Income eligible residents may qualify for a discount covering 50% of the eligible energy efficiency improvements up to $5,000.*


step four to energy savingsYou Can, Optionally, Apply for a Low-Interest Loan to Help Pay for the Work

NYSERDA offers two low-interest loans if you are interested in financing your energy efficient projects. This can include On Bill Recovery; an option that allows you to build loan payments right into your energy bill and use your energy savings to pay for the work.  If you prefer NYSERDA also offers a more traditional loan.


step five to energy savingsComplete the Work and Start Saving

Once the project is finished and follow up tests are completed to ensure that the home energy improvements were effective, you will be asked to sign off that the work has been satisfactorily completed.

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