Rupco_IC_blackAttSolar can save you money every month on your electric bills while protecting you from rising electricity prices. Rooftop solar is a clean energy source that contributes to cleaner air for all of our communities. In partnership with the City of Kingston and RUPCO, GRID Alternatives offers a full service installation from start to finish. This program is specifically designed for eligible families living with low or fixed incomes.

RUPCO will will help 10 LMI (≤80% AMI) residential households in Kingston New York by providing matching funds for solar installs. Specifically RUPCO will be looking at two LMI areas inside the city limits. In these areas, there are a total of 870 owner occupied homes. This section of the city has the highest concentration of LMI persons and a high percentage of the City’s racial and ethnic minorities. Our goal for RUPCO – GRID is to provide solar installation to no less than 10 residentialGRID Round 1 Down Town EJ Map households within these areas by 3/2016. RUPCO – GRID Alternatives asks that each of our homeowners contribute a portion of their savings to the overall system cost. For those located within New York State, we help homeowners apply to NYSERDA’s On-Bill Recovery Financing Program. Under this program a low-interest loan is added directly to the homeowner’s existing utility bill each month for a term of 10 years. If homeowners do not qualify for the On-Bill loan, GRID Alternatives will directly bill the homeowner over a period of 10 years. GRID Alternatives makes sure that every homeowner we serve sees at least 50% solar savings annually, including the loan payments. The loan amount is dependent on the system size, but will not exceed $4,000. At the end of the loan term, solar saving will increase beyond 50%

The city of Kingston recognizes the importance of bringing solar and energy efficiency programs to these areas in the city it is as important to highlight the goals of the City of Kingston as outlined in its Climate Action Plan Focusing on energy reduction as a wGRID Round 1 Mid Town EJ Maphole, the city has set the goal of reducing its overall energy consumption by 20%. RUPCO will add to this goal by counting these 10 projects towards that goal, by power produced and the energy saving.

If you are interested in being considered for this program, simply use our CONTACT US form or contact Michael D’Arcy | Mid-Hudson Valley Energy Coach| NYSERDA Outreach Coordinator | 845-331-2140 Ext:267 |

Eligibility Requirements are:

  1. Must currently own and live in a 1-3 family house.
  2. Must meet the income limits for your county and household size.
  3. Must have a “solar appropriate” house, with minimal shading, roof in good condition and up-to-date electrical work.
  4. Must live in an area we are currently serving.
  5. Must have had a NYSERDA Home Energy Assessment completed. APPLY HERE ASAP!
 Household Size  Annual Income
1 $42,150
2 $48,150
3 $54,150
4 $60,150
5 $65,000
6 $69,800
7 $74,600
8 $79,400


RUPCO-GRID Alternatives Tri-State Low Income Solar Request

GRID Tri-State LogoGRID Alternatives is a national non-profit organization that makes renewable energy technology and job training accessible to low-income communities. We bring together community partners, volunteers and job trainees to implement solar power and energy efficiency for low-income families, providing energy cost savings, valuable hands-on experience, and a source of clean, local energy that benefits us all. Since GRID’s inception in California in 2004, more than 5,000 solar projects have been completed and totaling over 10.6 megawatts of power. These projects, in all, are equivalent of almost 49,000 vehicles removed from the road for one year or more than 6 million trees planted. Additionally, over 18,000 people have received solar training through GRID around the country, helping them develop trade skills in the field of solar installation such as carpentry, electrical wiring, and PV mounting for potential job opportunities. GRID Alternatives Tri-State opened in February 2014 to serve the states of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.

Green Jobs | Green New York logoSince 2011 RUPCO, as an Independent Contractor to the New York State Energy Research Development Authority (NYSERDA) actively markets Green Jobs/Green NY, to improve Home Performance with ENERGY STAR and all NYSERDA programs to educate homeowners, community leaders and the general public about the benefits of the program. This program serves ten counties in the Mid-Hudson Valley, including Columbia, Delaware, Dutchess, Greene, Orange, Putnam, Rockland, Sullivan, Ulster, and Westchester Counties, some 2,451,153 residents (12.7% of NYS Population) in 673 Zip Codes. In total, 43.6% of the homes in Kingston are owner occupied. As of April 30th, RUPCO has a total of 4800 residential referrals, 1302 completed Home Energy Performance audits, and over 364 customers approved for or have completed a residential energy upgrade or retrofit.


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